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‘You are the books you read, the movies you watch, the people you hang out with and the conversations you engage in. Be careful what you feed your mind.’

-Jac Vanek

This blog is not about hate or bitterness directed towards any group, it is not about complaining or moaning about how men are treated in society. It is simply as the name suggests somewhere men may come to feel inspired and to promote content that fosters these four traits that I believe to be key to the development of any happy man.


What are you moving towards? A well defined purpose will sharpen you, it will stave off misery and depression and help orient you when things become difficult. You may have one goal or a hundred goals, it is the pursuit of these that will give your life direction and meaning.

Self belief

What is your self conception? Is it of someone that has the ability to achieve great things, or do you see yourself as a victim or a loser? The extent to which you believe in yourself is where the limits of what you are capable of lie.   


Are you better now than you were a year ago? Progress is the key to happiness. A feeling of stagnation fosters depression, take pride and happiness from your accomplishments, from looking back and seeing how far you have come in whatever endeavour you have developed yourself in, no matter how small.


The ability to persist in whatever area you are passionate about is the most important trait a man can possess. In most of the books we will look at persistence I guarantee will be the defining male characteristic of it.

My only hope for this blog is that it will develop into a community of like-minded, driven men who wish to better themselves.